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My life has gone to the dogs!
My name is Miranda Reeves, and I own and operate Four Star Dogs
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Some of my earliest memories are times spent being “babysat” by my mother’s White Shepherds. I started showing conformation at age four, traveling to many states and taking many naps in dog crates. By age nine, I was finally granted my wish to have “my own” dog. In March of 1995, my mom and I drove to Michigan to pick up my girl “Moonshadows Royal Starburst” best know as Star. We bonded on the way home while she drooled all over my lap! We started training that night and Star proved to be smarter than me in no time and she certainly taught me everything I know. She and I competed in ten years of 4-H, winning the highest award of Grand Champion seven of those ten years. We traveled to shows all over the country and somewhere along the way I started handling as many dogs as I could for other people. Any breed, any age, any energy level, I was just happy to be spending time with four-legged friends.


Over the years, Star and I earned several obedience, agility, and conformation titles in many different clubs, Star also taught me the proper way to raise a litter. She, of course, needed no help but she was always happy to have me there with her and the little ones. I give her all of the credit, but I’m also grateful to the other dogs that let me learn from them along the way.          

Because of this dog’s incredible intelligence, my interest in the dog world continued to grow and improve. In 2008, I graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelors Degree in Animal Sciences. I spent the better part of my time in college focusing my studies on animal behavior and well-being. A great deal can be learned by simply observing our animals, whether companion or livestock. Cattle are surprisingly interesting creatures!

Currently, my house is shared with my 12 year old pug, Monique, my 7 year old lab, Alda, my five year old white shepherd, Adonis, my white shepherd puppy, Chaos, and my two kittens, Charlie and Ellie. My horse Rio chooses to live with his brother, Maverick, at my mom’s farm! Our extended family includes my mom’s ten shepherds, two pugs, and three cats. Every spring I bucket raise three dairy calves and in the fall they go to a local apple orchard to be petting zoo calves!

Rescue work is a passion of mine and I love watching these dogs learn how great life can be. So, we generally have a foster or two hanging out with my crew. Like I said, my life has gone to the dogs and it’s a great life!


I understand that every dog is different and that every family’s needs vary. I strive to find training methods that work for you and your dog, using techniques that owners are comfortable with using on a daily basis. Spending time with our dogs should be an enjoyable experience. My goal is to make your dog a respectful member of your family! We can address specific issues or provide an overall training program including house manners and common commands. We will consult with you prior to scheduling in order to determine your needs as well as those of your pets. We want your dog’s training to be specifically geared toward your dog!



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